Serge Renaud

President, NAAHP

Jean-Patrick Lucien

President of EDEM Foundation

Ludovic Comeau

Vice-President, GRAHN-Monde

President, GRAHN-USA

Marie “Myka” Texas

Director of Project Development and Award Management, NAAHP

Charlot Lucien

President, GRAHN New England Boston

Monalisa Ferrari

New York City Department of Education

Maude Toussaint-Comeau

Senior Business Economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Jacky Poteau

Program Coordinator for the Haiti Development Institute (HDI)

Samuel Charles

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, NAAHP

Verlene Julceus

Manager of Student Outreach & Engagement (South), NAAHP

Tracy Vertus

Director of Member Services, NAAHP

Claslyne Doris Jean Pierre

Director of Operations, NAAHP

Esther “EJ” Dupervil

Principal Consultant at Off The Ground Solutions LLC

Former Vice-President of Operations, NAAHP

Marie Evangéline Roussel

DCI Marketing/Media Team