Submit Your Idea

Ideas can include one or more in the following key areas of needs:

  • Unlocking more private investment capital in Haiti, working to improve the current 10% investment to GDP ratio.
  • Increasing economic opportunities for Haitians living outside Port-au-Prince.
  • Improving WASH (Water, Sanitation & Health) conditions for Haitians.
  • Increasing energy access or improving its efficiency (including renewables).
  • Strengthen human capital, particularly by improving the quality of education in schools, universities or vocational/trade schools.
  • Increasing resilience to climate conditions, for individuals/households/private sector.

Prize offering for top ten winners:

  • Invitation to present winning ideas in January at a Diaspora forum where to network with regional, national, international, private investors and funders
  • Technical assistance to develop the ideas to be presented at the Forum
  • Full package (airplane and lodging expenses paid) including $500 cash traveling expenses

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