Esther “EJ” Dupervil

Principal Consultant at Off The Ground Solutions LLC

Former Vice-President of Operations, NAAHP

Esther “EJ” Dupervil is a native of Atlanta, GA. She is an International Policy Professional with a focus on Human Rights and Social Justice. She received her undergraduate from Paine College, a private liberal arts college located in Augusta GA. She received her B.A in History and French. Her area of specialization include Caribbean, Middle East, and Africa.

She received her graduate degree from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), a graduate school of Middlebury College located in Monterey CA. She studied International Policy with a focus on Human Security & Development. She completed both degrees with distinction. She later went on to obtain her law degree from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Her law degree focused on International Humanitarian Law and Non-Profit Management Law.

EJ has lived and extensively studied in Rabat Morocco, Rennes France, and Port-au-Prince Haiti.

EJ is an International Institute of Public Policy (IIPP) fellow which is a fellowship geared towards developing leaders in the field of international development. She is an Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship Awardee, and Clinton Hunger Leadership Award Finalist. EJ has published and has been featured in several articles.

EJ has served as the Vice-President of Programming at NAAHP.

EJ has working experience in the field of conflict management, international development, education, and advocacy.

She serves as the Principal Consultant at Off The Ground Solutions LLC  which is a consulting firm that helps not-for-profit organizations by providing effective strategies to help advance projects and programs.