Verlene Julceus

Manager of Student Outreach & Engagement (South), NAAHP

Verlene Julceus is a Recreational Therapy student completing her undergraduate degree at Florida International University (FIU). She currently serves as an intern at Tampa General hospital in Tampa, Florida. Prior to this position Ms. Verlene worked as an Recreational Therapy Assistant providing innovative services for Recreational Therapy to you.

As a leader, Ms. Julceus made a difference within the Haitian community of Miami, FL . She actively help spread awareness about the culture by serving as the secretary (2012-2013) of Djakout Lakay at Palm Beach State College (PBSC); then proceding to becoming the president the following year. She developed professional skills, inspired younger Haitian leaders, and networked with other great student leaders across Florida. After two years completion at PBSC, she transferred to FIU where she became an active member of Haitian Student Organization (HSO). Her involvement in the community led to her role as secretary of United Haitian Student of Florida (UHSF). UHSF is an organization which serves as an umbrella organization for all Haitian Student Organizations in Florida.

Ms. Julceus has also been part of the Student Support Services Program (Trio) for 5 years. Trio is a program that provides opportunities for academic development and motivates students toward the successful completion of their bachelor degree. Pleased with the services and succesful result of this program; Ms. Julceus later held a position on the Trio executive board providing opportunities for other undergraduate students. The Trio program has been a key factor towards Ms. Verlene’s academic and professional success.

As an undergraduate, Ms. Julceus understood the importance of civic engagement and community empowerment. She merged her time and developing knowledge as a member and/or executive officer for various organizations such as the Recreational Therapy Club (President) and Health Occupational Students of America-HOSA (Events coordinator). Getting involved, inspiring others, and making a positive difference are important core values to her. As a result of her leadership and warm heart; she is excited about being a part of the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals(NAAHP). Her involvement will allow her to continue making a positive difference within the Haitian community.