Wisblaude Thermidor

Project: New Haven, CT; Countrywide Agriculture: Fairtrade Business Model

Wisblaude is a medical researcher with over 5+ years’ experience conducting clinical and community-based research, focusing on oncology, dermatology and public health.

Prior to joining Yale School of Medicine as a Postgraduate researcher, he has worked with institutions such as: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medical College, Rockefeller University, YMCA, Milberg LLP.

Wisblaude has spent four years of his academic career focusing on the impact of foreign aid on underdeveloped states like Haiti. Shortly after the fatal earthquake, he served as a volunteer member of the Mentoring and Evaluation Committee for Equal Health, a non-profit organization that provides training to Haitian healthcare professionals. As a public servant, he interned at the office of Congressman Charles Rangel (NY-13th District), where he drafted briefings/memos, managed constituents inquires and conducted healthcare policy research. Wisblaude is an influential local leader in the Haitian Diaspora communities. During his height year’s tenure as director of Youth Department at his local church, he organized mission trips to Haiti, community events and various workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship, healthcare and financial literacy.

He holds a B.A., in International Studies with a focus on Development from City College of New York; and received Outstanding Delegate for Model United Nation award from the National Collegiate College Association (NCCA) and a Certificate of Leadership and Service from the CUNY Graduate Center.