Paul Obed Dumersaint

Project: Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Agriculture,Energy,Environment: Project de développement de la recherche biotechnologique, (2) de gestion de déchets municipaux, (3) de développement de la bioénergie et (4) de valorisation de biomasse végétale en environnement

Paul Obed Dumersaint saw the light for the first time on September 2, 1989 in Pétion-ville. Given to his parents’ belief in education, he had the opportunity to receive a fair primary and secondary education at Collège Méthodiste de Frères. Later, he benefited from a scholarship granted by State University of Haiti to study agronomy at Faculté d’Agronomie et Médecine Vetérinaire where he completed his courses on July 2014.

His passion to ensure well-being in people’s life led him to prefer medicine over agronomy but grace to his first vocational experiences both with RESEPAG and AMECOH; he started to enjoy working on agriculture and environment fields and to apprehend their real impact on people’s life. Afterward, he worked subsequently for MARNDR, GERTEN GREENHOUSES, AGRITECH, CIMMYT and CECI as surveyor, team coordinator, plant-growing assistant, data operator and emergency evaluator. Presently, he is processing his first research paper under the auspices of USAID-AVANSE.

Because, himself suffered from hunger while his father used to be unemployed for years; he developed a vivid desire to embrace an entrepreneurial journey. Therefore, on 2013, he co-founded PRODHASA with Tertulien Felix as for a private business involved in creating jobs and empowering fruits and vegetables chain value.

He cherishes the vision to advance sustainable development in allying entrepreneurship and agriculture in order to fight against food insecurity and job scarcity. He also wants to be the first instigator of biotechnological research in Haiti.