Marc Alin Raphael

Project: California; Solar Energy: Affordable Food Business via Solar-powered Trailers, Plus Internet Hotspots

Marc Alin Raphael is a tech-driven entrepreneur with industrial engineering and project management background. He’s currently leading the promising cybersecurity company KeySupreme in Sillicon Valley. Before launching his IT consulting firm RelinkUs in New York in 2013, he worked for several multinational and Fortune 100 companies such as IBM and PwC as an Information Technology Professional in South America. At the same level of his passion for technology is his determination to meaningfully contribute to the development of Haiti. Whether it is to restructure the IT infrastructure of a Haitian embassy abroad (, to build a software to teach how to read, write and the basics of computer to illiterate adults (, or to create a platform to improve Haiti’s image on the internet (, he is always involved in a project  related to Haiti. He firmly believes that the promotion of entrepreneurship, the implementation of a new education system which fully embraces the latest technologies and a civic program to positively change the Haitian mentality is the key to the country’s development.