Jerry Tardieu

Congressman of the District of Petion-Ville

Jerry Tardieu is an elected official, Congressman of the district of Petion-Ville. He is the minority leader at the Haitian lower Chamber. Tardieu’s legislative agenda includes a legal battle for the haitian diaspora to play a greater role in Haiti’s political affairs. Known as the champion of the diaspora in parliament, Tardieu recently introduced a new bill on citizenship on the floor of congress. If voted by both chambers, this bill will definitely lift all barriers to dual citizenship for Haitians living abroad.

Before elected congressman, Jerry Tardieu was an engaged entrepreneur profoundly involved in Haiti’s economic, social, academic and political life.

In his 35-year career, Tardieu has served as the CEO of numerous Haitian enterprises operating in various sectors ranging from the leather industry to real estate and hospitality fields. Until 2015, Jerry Tardieu was the CEO of Royal Oasis Hotel, a renowned hospitality establishment and  a great source of pride for the Petion-Ville district.

Jerry Tardieu is the founder of  “Kolektif Abitan Petyonvil,” a broad civic organization which provides a forum to Pétion-ville natives and residents, with an eye on identifying the issues plaguing the city.

Jerry Tardieu was educated at Institution Saint-Louis de Gonzague, in Port-au-Prince. He later completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration at the Université Européenne de Bruxelles before capping his studies with a Master’s degree in public administration at Harvard University.

Because of his academic background and professional experience, Jerry Tardieu is regularly consulted in structuring private/public partnerships.

Jerry Tardieu has authored many books on Haiti. In 2006, he published “Haiti: l’Avenir en Face,” In 2014, he released “Investir et s’Investir en Haïti: Un Acte de Foi,” a bestseller in Haiti and the diaspora. In July  2016,  He published a pamphlet titled : “My battle for the Haitian living abroad : a patriotic duty”

Jerry Tardieu often intervenes as a speaker at local and foreign universities.

Numerous organizations have, through the years, bestowed a slew of impressive awards on Jerry Tardieu. He received the “ Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” from Haiti’s Ministry of Youth, Sports and Civic Service. In 2011, he was the co-recipient, with Wyclef Jean, of the “Aksyon Visionary Award.”