Beverly Malbranche

Project: New Haven, CT; Countrywide Agriculture: Fairtrade Business Model

Beverly Malbranche is a finance major at North Carolina State University. Beverly co-founded Caribbrew, a social enterprise that sells ethically sourced coffee from Haiti to the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Beverly’s experiences include but are not limited to preparing financial reports for internal audits and tax purposes, overseeing supply chain logistics from and offshore suppliers, and social media marketing. She has been involved with the College G.V. Peniel to improve education in Haiti and has led conferences on entrepreneurship for youth living in the South of Haiti, particularly Miragoane and Saint Michel du Sud.

Beverly is skilled in website maintenance and has specialty in Capital markets operations from deals pricing for IPOs to FINRA and SEC compliance, involving AML, Debt Research, and Municipal Securities. She is currently working for a Goldman Sachs portfolio company, where she is responsible for the acquisition of new clients.